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At Guardline Security, we have dedicated patrols out on the streets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to any situation that could be a threat to our customer’s home, business, family, or personal well-being.

Our Call Centre is maned 24 hours a day and our friendly staff are always ready to take your call and dispatch security patrol officers when required.

We are the only security company within our area that provides this specialist service.

When not actively responding to callouts, our patrols are also a highly visible deterrent around homes & businesses to potential thieves or other offenders.

We can supply you with a full written, monthly report on all your monitored alarm’s sets and un-sets, activations, and any other recordable occurrences


Our patrol service offers welfare checks to most after hour’s business operations. Welfare checks can form part of the employer’s responsibility to provide a safer workplace. Our patrol officer will conduct checks on a staff member’s welfare, and report on an attendance register.

Night work is becoming more dangerous for retail outlets such as, service stations, convenience stores, and night shift plants and one-man after hour shifts.


Our patrol officer can also provide a nightly staff escort upon closing time to their private vehicles or to ensure they have reached their safer location.

Night Shift & Weekend Patrols

Often there can be parts of your business or home that are difficult to secure outside of your normal workday, i.e., vehicles, machinery, stock, etc.

These items can be extremely attractive to the opportunistic thief and once stolen can cause all sorts of disruption to your life as you then must sort out insurance claims, Police notification, replacement materials, delays to workflows, etc.

In our first Patrol of your property at night, known as the ‘bed-down check’ we ensure that all building doors, windows, and gates have been secured and are locked properly.

We check all your vehicles to make sure no keys have been left in the ignition and are secure and we also act if there have been valuable goods or equipment left exposed to possible theft or damage.

If you have a work or home environment that at times could be at risk in

this way, please come and talk to us about our Patrol checks – you will be surprised how economical & effective they are and what great protection you will receive by having a very visible, official looking presence at your property out of hours.

  Safety Watch:

Are you arriving home late at night and even worse- alone? Do you need to make a last-minute run to the ATM machine in the middle of the night and feel uneasy? Guardline Security offers our Safety Watch package which includes (with approximately 30 minutes advance notice) meeting you at your home, or similar location. We also perform Civil Standbys: our Security Officers will always see you safely through your situation and make sure you get back inside your home. At your request, our Security Officers will even search your home or business to make certain you are safe and sound. Obviously, if you hear a strange or suspicious sound at night, we will initiate an immediate response.

  House Watch / Vacation Watch.

Whether you are leaving on an extended vacation or just taking off for a few days. Guardline Security will randomly conduct vehicle patrols throughout the day and night whenever you are away from your home (and even if you are home if you wish). We will perform at least three (3) physical walk-around of your home checking every door and window every 24 hours per your instructions.

Our marked patrol vehicles will conduct patrols of your property randomly through the day and night. Our highly trained patrol officers will inspect vulnerable areas within your property such as building and fence perimeters, door, windows, and common areas. They will identify any suspicious activity and contact any individuals who do not belong on the property. This service includes picking up your mail, packages and newspapers and placing them in a location of your choice or holding them at out office to be delivered to you upon your return.

Static Guards 

Our Static and Mobile Officers division is an extremely versatile body able to perform all forms of security guarding. All security officers undergo our induction session which covers a variety of standard security procedures and issues, but we also incorporate new security issues as they arise, such as teaching counter-terrorism awareness.

All Guardline security officers are fully licensed and attired impeccably in either a Guardline security uniform or as per client instructions. They are highly trained, professional, and courteous enabling them to control any situation quickly and effectively.

Our security officers are trained, briefed, and most importantly supervised at each assignment.


Guardline Security Services operates around the clock to provide check-up, lock-up and response in the Shepparton and surrounding areas. If your business demands an early-bird work schedule or late-night operations, the open-up and lock-up of your business premises at vulnerable hours can create a security risk.

Why not leave it to the experts? We provide all forms of Lock Ups, including truck yards, information-technology centres, swimming pools, laundry facilities, recreation areas, parks, and many other types of industrial and infrastructure centres.

We operate 24/7—365 days a year—no matter what time you need the facility opened or closed. During this time, we provide a written report of the property’s security status. We note if lights are out, if property damage exists, or if hazards are observed. The report is e-mailed promptly to the client and with pertinent photos attached.


Why pay fines for false alarms? Why be forced to answer a security breach and have to wait for the police to arrive? Guardline Security Services professionally trained security guards will respond quickly, assess the situation, then take the necessary action to involve the police if necessary. Most police and fire departments arrive to an alarm and only check the exterior of the business and home. We will check the entire property as well as the interior. We will also lock-up your facility and reset the alarm.

Watch Services.

Our highly trained, uniformed mobile patrol is on guard to open-up, lock-up, set and unset your alarm system. This cost-efficient and flexible service can be tailored to meet your business’ schedule and requirements and is available for year-round protection.

Key-Holder Services.

Similarly, to Alarm Response, many businesses opt to move the responsibility of key holding away from staff and pay a private security company to assist them. This is a good solution for businesses whose owners and staff are reluctant to return to the premises outside of office hours or if staff turnover is high, which makes it difficult to assign positions of responsibility to any one individual.

When an alarm is triggered, over 90% of the time, it will be a false alarm. While this is a good thing, it can also be very annoying for the designated key-holding employee who must return to the premises to turn off the alarm. With every false alarm, the employee will have to visit the site to open it for the security company. They will also have to stay on the site for at least an hour.

When you use a Guardline Security Services key holding service, it is the responsibility of the security company to return to the site so your staff can rest easy.

At Guardline Security Services we provide mobile security guards to inspect the premises and liaise with Police and emergency responders if necessary. Your staff are only contacted if other services are required, to fix doors or windows.

•  The Safety Factor

Another benefit of a key holding service is the safety it provides. When you have a member of staff acting as the key holder, they can be at risk when visiting the site after the alarm goes off. Staff safety is something that you need to always consider.

On the other hand, our guards are well trained to handle any potential situations. This is training that your employee will not normally have, and it can be the difference between being safe and not

•  Cost-Effective Option

Although you may consider outsourcing alarm response and key-holding services to be a costly extravagance, it is really a cost-effective option when you consider the increasing cost of fees and penalties for false alarms. Not only will our mobile security patrols provide a quicker response time, but they are also trained to handle any situation, which improves the safety of the response. Having us to handle your keys will also be more convenient for you and your staff.

What’s more, there will always be a spare set of keys available if keys are damaged or get lost by staff.

Body Guard

A bodyguard for personal protection is one of the options that are available when a threat is imminent.

We can guarantee a short time of appearance, around the clock, if the situation demands it. Our work is performed in close co-operation with the police and other authorities. All our services derive from a risk analysis which in turn determines how the protection is exercised around the principal. The protection can be dormant and thus be activated if the need arises.

Guardline Security Services for personal protection has eminent experience of protecting celebrities, VIPs and representatives from commercial and industrial life and other organizations.

For Guardline Security Services to undertake the service of protecting private persons, a contract must be formed between the parties. In the contract, we closely examine which rules and conditions that must be followed for us to be able to provide the service. Guardline Security Services must have access to all information about the threat in advance to be able to consider the circumstances at hand and make sure that these are legitimate

  Private and Criminal Investigation

You need proof beyond doubt and with our Investigation Division you have found a professional, skilled licensed private investigation company with over twenty continuous years’ investigation experience. We will carefully and considerately manage your investigation because we understand your needs are unique, even if your problem happens to be common. We have a commitment to assisting people get the best possible outcome and at a fair price. Whether you need proof for court or for your own peace of mind then you need the services of G.V Process and Investigations experienced private investigator.

While you may initially be anxious about contacting a private investigator because you have never taken that step before, you can be assured that no problem is too small or too unique for us to discuss. Our private investigator has broad investigative skills and every day he assists individuals, parents, corporations, councils, law firms, insurance companies and others. It costs nothing to contact us to discuss your matter and have us respond totally confidentially.

Our private investigator is here to help or simply to offer advice. We look forward to helping you solve your problem in a timely and reliable manner and ensuring your private investigation experience is a positive one.

Remote Guarding Services Include:

  • Remote Perimeter Protection
  • Remote Entry/Exit Management
  • Remote Patrol
  • Remote Escort
  • Remote Alarm Verification

Concierge Guards

Meet and Greet Visitors – Concierge Guards can be the first point of contact for visitors

GUARDLINE Concierge Guard Uniforms are “business attire” displaying site logo or company branding if required

Concierge guards play an integral part in the emergency and evacuation procedures for the site and have a working knowledge of any fire control panels, procedures, and other early warning alarm systems.

Our Concierge Guards maintain a neat and tidy appearance and possess good interpersonal skills

Concierge guard behaviour will always be appropriate in all circumstances. Our guards are polite, courteous and helpful but can and will be insistent when necessary.

Our guards are aware of the customer focus for the successful completion of the job


  Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Team

  Risk Advisory and Consulting Services.

  Fire Watch Security Services

  Farm Security Services

  Commercial Security 


  Warehouse Security

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